Past & Present

Deeping Gang Show

The very first Gang Show held in the Deepings was staged to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 1st Market Deeping Scout Group in 1986. A very large and enthusiastic gang of Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Brownies and Guides took to the stage and gave a rousing 2 performances to packed audiences. The cast that year numbered 160 and were packed tight as sardines for the finale.

This one off performance cultivated an enthusiasm amongst the young people and their leaders that has led to 28 further productions which now stage 5 performances each year, still in the same venue, the Deepings School although for several years we took the show on tour to Stamford Arts Centre.

In 1992 we were awarded Gang Show Recognition, this acknowledged that the show was of a high enough standard to wear the coveted red scarf and emblem of the London Gang Show.

There have been several show producers over the years:

1986 – 2006    Jenny Wilson
2007 – 2011    Steve Canham
2012 – 2014    Sue Shaw
2015 – Director: Ian Henderson; Producers: Phil Tokens, Debbie Dearden, Steven Brightwell, and Rachel Barnes
2016 – Director Ian Henderson; Producers: Sue Shaw, Debbie Dearden
2017 – Matt Dumigan & Sam Wilson
2018 – Debbie Dearden

Over the years, local talent has been encouraged and we are very proud of the hundreds of boys and girls who have passed though our casts, many claim that they gained in self confidence by appearing in a Gang Show and developed strong friendships that ill last a lifetime, even a marriage here and there.

The degree of Ralph Reader material has reduced over the years as more modern material was introduced but the program always contains at least one song by our founder; Crest of a Wave.

More and more technical developments have been introduced to enhance the experience of our young cast and the audience. We have been very lucky to obtain sponsorship from local councils and voluntary groups to pay for this and to ensure the show continues to be there for many years to come.

Many leaders and parents have contributed to the development and success of the show since 1986 and without them the show would not happen.

The show continues to evolve every year


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